Here are some stories about the positive experiences of satisfied clients

Our home was surrounded by a very old chainlink fence that was not only unsightly but afforded us very little security. When DEAN’S WALLING AND FENCING installed a precast wall around our property, we instantly felt safer and happier in our home. The wall also made the whole property look cleaner, smarter and more attractive. I had been worried that a wall would detract from the beauty of my garden, but installing manufactured panels meant that we didn’t have the mess and inconvenience of a building site on the property during the installation, and no damage was done to the shrubs and trees near the wall.

I breed pedigreed Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers, so my property has to be completely secure. Even the tiniest gaps or openings in the perimeter wall could spell tragedy, with small adventurous puppies possibly escaping the safe haven of the yard and garden, an event to horrible to contemplate. The very knowledgeable consultants at DEAN’S WALLING AND FENCING strongly advised us to install precast walling. It is durable and solid, when efficiently erected, and the installation process was so quick and convenient that our daily routine was barely interrupted. Now our pups are safe and we have complete peace of mind.

Our corner property was unfortunately the scene of an accident, when an inexperienced driver misjudged the turning and crashed into our perimeter wall. Luckily the driver and passenger were unhurt, but the wall took a heavy impact. Fortunately it is a precast wall, which meant that the efficient workers from DEAN’S WALLING AND FENCING only needed to remove the three affected panels and quickly replace them. If we had a brick or stone wall almost the entire structure would have had to be rebuilt at great cost and inconvenience. Instead our perimeter wall was repaired in a matter of days.

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